Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use DentaTreat™?

Simply sprinkle onto your pet's meal, or use as a standalone supplement and snack. DentaTreat™ can be sprinkled into a bowl (to be licked), for example.

Is DentaTreat™ a new product?

No, in fact DentaTreat™ has been sold in the United States and internationally for over two decades. It is proven effective. See some of our thousands of testimonials.

Is DentaTreat™ only for oral health, or does it have any other benefits?

DentaTreat™ is formulated for oral health, but is a source of protein, fat, and valuable micronutrients that are often lacking in pet foods. Also contributes to taste and palatability!

How long will one bottle of DentaTreat™ last?

This depends upon frequency of use, but if used as directed one 9.5 oz bottle will last just over 1 month for an average size dog, and 3 months for cats.

How can the product be effective for both dogs and cats? Don't they have different needs?

The natural diets for these creatures are essentially identical, and their oral health can be addressed in the same manner.

Is DentaTreat™ Veterinarian recommended?

Yes, DentaTreat™ was developed and is recommended by Veterinarians.

Are all ingredients in DentaTreat™ safe?

Yes, absolutely!

Has DentaTreat™ ever been recalled?

No, DentaTreat™ has never been subject to a recall, and has never harmed any animals.

How long must DentaTreat™ be used before I see results?

This varies with the condition of the teeth, but usually results can be seen within four to six weeks. For all pets, DentaTreat™ will create results in terms of keeping the teeth clean.

Must it be used every day?

That depends upon the diet. If you are feeding starch-based commercial pet foods it should be used daily. If you are feeding according to Wysong feeding philosophy and principles, and also allowing your pet to chew on raw bones, it can be used less frequently.

My pet is older and has a lot of plaque, but I dread having him put under anesthesia for a cleaning. Will DentaTreat™ work just as well if I am patient?

If there are loose teeth and gum infection, dentistry may be your only option. Do not forget the danger of the gum infection spreading to the heart valves and other organs. Also consider the silent pain your pet may be experiencing. Otherwise, you could certainly try DentaTreat™. Some have experienced amazing results.

How long should it be used?

For life to help keep the teeth and gums healthy.

What if my pet does not like it?

That would be very rare. You can return any product you are unable to use.

Will DentaTreat™ interfere with other supplements or medications?

DentaTreat™ is more like a food than a medication. Thus it is unlikely to interfere. It is consumed in such a small quantity that it will not affect the balance of nutritional supplements.

Will my pet still require an annual tooth cleaning advised by my veterinarian?

If you use DentaTreat™ as directed and follow the Wysong feeding philosophy, likely not. Consult with your veterinarian.

Can I check for plaque on the teeth somehow?

Yes. Simply lift the upper lip and look at where the tooth meets the gum line. Plaque is a yellow-gray material that can be seen there. Particularly look at the canines and the large molars toward the back of the mouth. Foul breath and red and swollen gums are also a sign of problems.

My cat is very finicky, will it like it?

Most likely yes. DentaTreat™ has a wonderful cheese flavor and most cats like cheese. But you can only know by trying.

You say there are nutraceuticals in the product. What are those?

Nutraceuticals are natural nutrients that have been proven to exert certain health benefits. Their function goes beyond just supplying basic protein, fat, carbohydrate, and vitamin-mineral nutrition.

My dog is on a low fat diet. Should I be concerned about the fat content?

No, for two reasons. A low fat diet is unnatural and unwise, and the amount of DentaTreat™ consumed daily would be insignificant in terms of overall dietary fat intake.

I have several dogs that eat out of the same bowl. How can I be sure each is getting enough?

Mix with the food well, and moisten if necessary to make the DentaTreat™ stick.

Do you guarantee the results?

We guarantee that sound science is behind DentaTreat™ ingredients and it has over a decade of proven success with thousands of animals. Because every animal is individually unique and being cared for and fed differently, we cannot guarantee a particular result. We do guarantee that if you are not satisfied you can have your money refunded, subject to the conditions indicated in the guarantee.

Some of our Testimonials

Thank you to our enthusiastic customers!

Letter - DentaTreat™ A Miracle Product
"I'm writing to thank you for your DentaTreat™ food supplement for pets. My daughters and I have 2 pets, including a German Shepherd (who looks just like the dog in the Canadian TV show "The Littlest Hobo"). Sugar (the Shepherd) will be 12 years old soon, and has the teeth of a 2 year old. Although the big dog would allow me to brush her teeth, this is much easier - just sprinkle on her food twice a day. The small dog, Sprite, is ½ Chihuahua and ½ Pekinese, which leaves her looking like a pug puppy, because she has the pushed in nose and curly tail of the Peke. This dog went crazy when we tried to brush her teeth, but loves the DentaTreat™ in her food. Although we've only been using your product for a few months, Sprite's teeth have improved noticeably too. And the dentist for dogs at our vet was going to charge us $400 for a teeth scaling and scraping under anesthesia, which is dangerous because she weighs less than 10 pounds. And now her teeth are much less grungy and her breath has improved 100%...Thank you for a product that works miracles. My friends with pets (I'm told cats don't appreciate having their teeth cleaned either), say it works just as well with cats. I am happy to recommend your product to my friends and family."

eMail - Fantastic Results With DentaTreat™
"I've used two bottles of DentaTreat™ for my dog...with more than expected fantastic results! Brown tarter is reduced by 2/3's and red gum line almost gone!"

eMail - Cat Love DentaTreat™, Owner Enjoys Website
"I think your site is a masterpiece! I send your site address to my friends, even to those who have no pets.

I get the feeling that your organization is very passion driven and it is always a great pleasure for me to interact with people who love what they do with passion.

My cat Claudia loves your DentaTreat™ on her kibbles.

Thank you for all your great work."

eMail - Clears Up Bad Breath
"I just had to let you know, I just bought this [DentaTreat™] for my Yellow English Lab, Max. He had REALLY stinky breath and now he doesn't! This product really works. Thank you."

Facebook Comment - DentaTreat Helps With Tartar
"My babies use two of their products - DentaTreat™ & Call of the Wild™. DentaTreat™ is the only product I have found that helps with tartar!"

eMail - Dog Loves DentaTreat™
"We received the DentaTreat™. Thank you! Max doesn't seem to dislike it! This is amazing because he usually favors chicken and hamburger!"

eMail - DentaTreat™ Clears Gingivitis
"Your DentaTreat™ product has made a vast improvement in my cats' gingivitis."

eMail - DentaTreat™ Works!
"I have a 7-year-old Lab mix who had some serious tarter on one canine tooth. About 6 weeks ago I started applying your DentaTreat™ topically with a toothbrush - as of last night...ALL GONE!!! I have told my vet who is hopefully going to recommend it as well...thanks for a great product that is easy, affordable, natural and WORKS!!"

eMail - DentaTreat™ Works!
"When I discovered your DentaTreat™ product, I was amazed at the results. My little guy's teeth were practically glowing in the dark!"

eMail - Very Happy With DentaTreat™
"This is an extremely wonderful natural product. It has helped my dog's teeth and breath so much that I will always use it forever! Just wonderful stuff. Very happy with your DentaTreat™ for my dogs."

eMail - Greyhounds Doing Great on DentaTreat™
"To the genius makers of Wysong DentaTreat™:

I wanted to let you know that I think I've started a rage in the Greyhound community with your product. Greyhounds have notoriously bad teeth, and, like most dogs, don't have great breath either. I decided to try DT for my girls when I first saw it at our local pet store. In less than two weeks, we noticed a remarkable difference in our girls' breath and teeth. Tartar disappeared after one brushing and teeth were turning pearly white. It is a true miracle product and has now prevented the need for a professional dental cleaning. It's so nice to find a natural product that works so wonderfully!'

eMail - DentaTreat™ Saves Dog's Life
"We have two crazy Labrador Retrievers. One of them, Tucker, was saved by your DentaTreat™ product. His gingivitis was so bad that he wouldn't eat without substantial coaxing. (Hard to believe a LAB needing coaxing, isn't it?). Within a week of using DentaTreat™, he was back to wolfing down his dinner within seconds and his gums were almost completely free of redness!"

Internet - DentaTreat™ Is Truly Amazing
"My dog had a really smelly mouth and requires yearly dental cleaning. She hates to have me clean her teeth and over the years I have tried many products to help clean her teeth but none have really made a difference. She is now 14 years old and I worry about anesthetic in such an elderly dog. A local pet store recommended DentaTreat™ to me a few months ago and I have to say that this product is truly amazing. Her mouth no longer smells and she actually loves this powder sprinkled on all her food. She, like many small breeds, had abundant strep mutans bacteria in her mouth and this product seems to have eliminated the problem for her."

eMail - DentaTreat™ The Best Product
"Just wanted to let you know that this is the best product. My dog's teeth went from the worst to being all cleaned up!"

eMail – DentaTreat™ Works!
"I have ordered the Wysong DentaTreat™ for my dog, and it works!!!"

Phone - DentaTreat™ Makes A Difference
"We have been purchasing the DentaTreat™ for our dog and what a difference it has made. Thank You!"

Internet - Wonderful Results With DentaTreat™
"I have been using your DentaTreat™ on my two Shelties age 11 yrs & 2 yrs old since 4/2005 with wonderful results :)"

Phone call - DentaTreat™ Works
"I have been using DentaTreat™ on my dogs' teeth for 2 weeks and now they are completely white. My vet was skeptical, but I tried it anyway. Thank you."

Internet - Pleased With DentaTreat™
"Just want to let you know how pleased I am with Wysong's DentaTreat™. I have used it for almost a year to brush my dogs' teeth and I can really see an improvement."

eMail - Bad Breath Eliminated By DentaTreat™
"LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I purchased a small bottle of the DentaTreat™ for my 70lb. Border Collie Mix a couple weeks ago from a local store. My dog's breath was horrible. I took him to his Vet. He has no bad teeth. They're all clean (I do brush them). He receives no human food (except for apple slices and broccoli) meat or other foods. He also has no stomach issues, which could cause bad breath. A clean bill of health from the Vet. I bought DentaTreat™ to see if it works for Bunker...and it does. His bad breath has been eliminated by 90%!!...My Vet (whom I have total faith in) said the Wysong DentaTreat™ is what he would recommend too...This is the first Wysong product I've given to any of my animals. Now that I've done research on your company, that will likely change to include more of your products. As you can tell, I'm pretty fanatical about my pets' care and health. I've been blessed with long-living pets."

eMail - DentaTreat™ Improves Gums and Breath For Cat
"We live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada and I just had to let you know about your DentaTreat™ powder for Cats. We had ours to the vet for his routine shots and were told by our vet that his teeth were in dire need of cleaning and that he had swollen and bleeding gums, we were shocked to say the least and even more shocked to learn that it would be between $400 and $500 to have his teeth cleaned. We went to our pet store to see what the alternatives were and the owner told us about DentaTreat™ and after using it for 6 weeks, it has made all the difference, his gums have cleared up and are not swollen and his breath is much better, I can’t believe the difference it has made, the gingivitis is there but even that looks better too...I just had to let you know that your product is amazing and we have just bought our second bottle for our cat. Please don't stop making this wonder drug, or my cat will be upset and not to mention sore (lol). Keep up the great work!!!!!!"

DentaTreat Is Powerful
"While my dog has thrived on all Wysong food and supplement products I wanted to share a recent experience I had with your DentaTreat™ powder. Like many dog owners I don't enjoy brushing my dog's teeth. At best I get him once a week. I feed him twice daily and always added DentaTreat™ powder to his food. This along with an annual non-anesthetic cleaning kept my vet believing I was one of the dedicated tooth brushers. I ran out of DentaTreat™ and wasn't sure if it made a difference with my dogs teeth. In just one week my dog's teeth were covered with yellow plaque like I have never seen before. While I was able to brush it off fairly easily I realized the power of DentaTreat™. Thanks again for all your wonderful dog feeding products."

When asked if we could use the testimonial:

"Yes, that is why I sent it. It seems so often products are over hyped. I was asking myself if this product made a difference. I started using the product when Oscar's teeth were relatively clean so I didn't fully appreciate the results until I stopped using DentaTreat™ for one week."

DentaTreat™ Convenient and Easy-To-Use
"I recently discovered your company after purchasing Wysong DentaTreat™ for my 2 small dogs. The owner of my local co-op pet food store enthusiastically recommended it. After only 1.5 weeks of use, I have already noticed improvement in both dogs' breath and in the amount of tarter on their teeth, even below the gum line. DentaTreat™ is convenient, easy-to-use, and they love it. I love the fact that it is purely natural and safe. If it continues to work this well, you will have a happy customer for years to come. :)"

DentaTreat™ Powerful Prevention
"Thank you for the fine products and I wish my vets were more knowledgeable about your supplements. I can't say enough for the DentaTreat™. Lucy's poodle teeth were examined today. She is thirteen now and hasn't needed a deep cleaning for three years. She is frail and we do not want to risk anesthesia...but Lucy has ALWAYS had daily brushings and DentaTreat™ with her meals. The combination is very powerful prevention!!!! Thank you!"

DentaTreat™ Great Product
"I use DentaTreat™ for my dog and it is a great product."

DentaTreat™ Works
"We've been using DentaTreat™ with our cats for several months now. They recently had their yearly vet exam and the doctor said their teeth looked really healthy...Thank you too for making such healthy, all natural dental alternatives for our cat companions."

When asked if we could use her testimonial:

"Yes, you may post part of my eMail as a testimonial for DentaTreat™. I'd like to add that during the cats' annual exam last year, prior to our starting with DentaTreat™, the vet said she saw tarter beginning to build up on their back teeth. This time, as I stated in my eMail, she said their teeth looked very good and their gums were healthy. We had tried a few other products before finding DentaTreat™, including other brands of treats, which because of their ingredients I wasn't ever happy giving them, and a gel, which administering it eventually caused them to run away from us any time we walked near. They took to DentaTreat™ immediately and because they like it, and their doctor agreed it was doing a nice job keeping their teeth clean, we will continue sprinkling DentaTreat™ on their food forever."

Reduced Plaque
"I've been sprinkling this [DentatTreat™] on the surface of my dog's raw meals for the past few weeks and his plaque build-up is very much reduced..."

Tartar Gone on DentaTreat
"My dog had very bad breath and tartar buildup. My local pet store recommended the DentaTreat™. It was worth a try. I sprinkle it into his empty food bowl during the day and he comes running out of nowhere. After using it for three weeks he had a vet check up. The vet said he had very nice teeth and he is almost 10. Now it has been a few months of fairly consistent use and 90% of the tartar is gone. He is back to a very white smile and fresh (okay, still doggy) breath. Thank you very much for the product."

Fantastic Product
"After a trip to the vets and her showing our dogs black back teeth to us, we decided to try DentaTreat™ to clean them up. I was very skeptical that a natural powder would clean up the dogs' teeth but was I ever wrong. We can't even see a bit of black now after a month. Fantastic product! You have to get the word out!"

Happier and Healthier
"Kayla, a VERY picky eater LOVES this food! I don't have to add any veggies or table scraps! She's doing GREAT! Her energy is back, she's happy, much healthier, and still demands "cheese sprinkles" with her evening fare (but instead of parmesan, she gets the cheese flavored dental...very clever!)."

Dogs and Cat Love Wysong Variety
"Thank you for creating and maintaining great products. Yuma (lab mix), Napoleon (French Bulldog), and Niffer (fluffy grey cat) have enjoyed Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™, Epigen™, Anergen™, DentaTreat™, EFA™ with fish oil, and Synorgon™, for years. Keep up the good work!"

eMail - Tips Helpful
"Thank you so much for the very good tips on how to administer Biotic Ph-™; peanut butter or butter are great ideas. I layered the powder on cheese (DentaTreat™) today and that worked well. Then I discovered that if I put it dry in the dog food bowl with nothing else, it was eagerly licked up! Perhaps the first meal (which was eaten - just slowly) was just a new grainy texture. Many thanks for your help!"

eMail - Store Offers Wysong, Loves the Products
"I have been selling your food for a few years now...I stock many Wysong canine and feline diets and supplements. I love your PDG™ and DentaTreat™. I also write non-biased pet, nutritional and other, articles for a local small circular based on research through your company...and my personal experiences. I have been in the industry for nearly 25 years."

eMail: Westie Loves Synorgon and DentaTreat™
"I have just started using some of your products. My little Westie is a very fussy eater. He loves the Synorgon™. I put some of the DentaTreat™ on my finger to see if he would like it. He went crazy and tried to grab the little container from me. He ate his dinner right up and was still licking the bottom of his dish."

eMail - Wysong Brings Excitement To Pets Diets
"Hello, Just wanted to let you know how well our whole crew is doing on your foods. We own two Pomeranians and two cats. All have been on your food (dry and canned) plus Wysong supplements and occasional fresh food for the past several months. The difference is clear: shiny coats, clean eyes and ears (no more discharge), and they love the taste. The cats, especially, cannot wait for feeding time. They're both ten years old, and in that time I have never seen them get so consistently excited about a pet food. The new Beef and Chicken Stews™ are a hit, as are AddLife™ and DentaTreat™. As a Michigan native, I love supporting a Michigan company, and it's even better that the company produces such a remarkable product. Thank you for taking the health of our "kids" so seriously. We have four great examples of Wysong in action!"

Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

Scientific Documentation

At least 80% of dogs and 60% of cats have gingivitis, periodontitis, and/or tooth decay. This takes an enormous toll on pets in terms not only of the pain, but for the other diseases it sets the stage for and the cost and anguish for the pet's caretakers.

The solution is not mere remediation with professional veterinary dental care, but an understanding of the causes and what can naturally be done about them from a preventive standpoint.

The Problem

Oral health is dependent upon the outcome of a constant battle taking place in the mouth between micro-organisms, diet, minerals, tooth morphology, salivary flow, and acid-base balance.

When foods containing sugar and starch (a polysugar) are deposited on teeth, a microenvironment is created conducive to the formation of calculus, or plaque as it is also known. Sugars (carbohydrates) are broken down by microorganisms to create plaque and acids that strip calcium and phosphorus from the tooth. This softens the tooth, allowing for development of cavities (dental caries). Plaque at the gum-tooth interface encourages more bacterial growth, inflammation, gum inflammation and recession (periodontitis), alveolar bone disintegration, and tooth loss.

Largely unrecognized is the ability of chronic infection in the mouth to systemically seed infection elsewhere in the body including kidneys, blood vessels, heart and joints. These are the primary degenerative diseases lying in wait for pets as they age.

Thus, good oral health is not just about nice breath and clean white teeth, it is a cornerstone to good body health.


Essential to prevention is good nutrition. However, in spite of marketing that attempts to convince the public the opposite, modern pet food emphasis on processed, fractionated, refined, devitalized, carbohydrate-based foods takes its toll on health in many ways. (For a full understanding of the hazards of processed pet foods visit and

Researchers have found that starches, which are major components of processed pet foods, are retained for long periods of time in the mouth. This increases the opportunity for cariogenic bacteria to feed on them. Such foods also easily create sticky mouth residue regardless of their crunchy "dental preventive" design. Pets are not chewers, but rather chunk swallowers and thus even if the food were filled with hundreds of tiny toothbrushes, the only effect would be a scrubbed stomach.


Modern companion animal diets have a tendency to cause systemic academia, making the whole body acid. This acidic environment promotes the growth of disease-causing organisms, the loss of minerals from bones and teeth, and also stimulates the precipitation of tartar on the teeth. The mere fact that tartar is being deposited on the teeth is evidence that the body is too acidic. The solution is to modify the diet to its more natural form.

Dentatreat™ nutraceutical science

Wysong DentaTreat™ is scientifically designed to enhance pet oral health, utilizing the beneficial properties of nutraceutical cheeses, probiotics, minerals and other proven natural ingredients:

Certain cheeses have unique properties which help prevent tooth decay. First, the alkaline nature of these cheeses buffers the acidity of plaque and raises pH to neutralize tooth-destroying acids. Second, salivary flow is increased, thereby diluting and clearing sugars from the oral cavity. Finally, cheese proteins impede demineralization of tooth enamel and aid in remineralization, resulting in retained or regained enamel hardness.

The major minerals involved in tooth enamel and pulp dentin biology are calcium and phosphorus. Calcium is necessary for enamel hardness and can move into and out of tooth cells. When cheese is eaten, the salivary concentration of calcium ions available for depositing in the enamel increases, resulting in remineralization of the enamel. Phosphates also aid in remineralization by binding to the tooth surface, thereby inhibiting the binding of damaging acidic compounds.

Trona mineral salts have antibacterial properties and are highly effective natural agents in removing dental plaque. Trona bicarbonate minerals are also known to inhibit the cariogenic bacterium Streptococcus sobrinus by 68%. Additionally, alkaline trona minerals function to neutralize acids in the mouth, thus preventing erosion.

Calcium lactate has been shown to have plaque reducing properties and is effective in reducing demineralization and erosion.

Probiotic cultures and enzymes provide many benefits which have been described at great length in other publications (see "Wysong Probiotics and Enzymes"), and also offer benefits specific to dental health. One action is to reduce the number of putrefactive bacteria responsible for bad breath. The probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus aids in optimizing calcium metabolism and produces the amino acid L-lysine, which has been linked to limiting tooth decay. The probiotic Streptococcus salivarius improves overall oral health by producing two bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances called Salivaricin A and Salivaricin B that suppress the growth of unwanted bacteria and reduce oral volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. DentaTreat also provides important prebiotic oligosaccharides, which function to nourish the beneficial active probiotics.

Apple polyphenols in DentaTreat™ prevent the attachment of S. sobrinus to tooth surfaces, thus inhibiting its production of glucans and other cariogenic factors. This antibacterial function has been shown to lead to the prevention of tooth demineralization and dental caries. Polyphenols derived from apples have also been shown in clinical studies to be 2-3 times as effective as parsley seed oil in eliminating bad breath by inhibiting bacterial production of methylmarcaptan by up to 80%.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Established in 1979, Wysong is a true pioneer and leading innovator in the natural pet food industry. Wysong foods have been fed to hundreds of thousands of pets through multiple generations with remarkable health benefits.

Conceived and led by Dr. Wysong, we are a family company that puts principle ahead of market and the family name on every package with pride. We manufacture foods and supplements that make a real health difference for companion animals, and offer information that empowers pet caretakers.

To learn more about Wysong, and to see our full line of healthful products, please visit For education, subscribe to our "100 Pet Health Truths Program" at and visit the "Learn" section of the Wysong website.

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Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)


Phone: 1-800-748-0233

Mailing Address: 7550 Eastman Avenue, Midland, MI 48642-7779


In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to accept a return and issue a refund for the full purchase price subject to the stipulations below. Please click here to fill out our Return Authorization Form.

We must receive the returned product within 60 days of the purchase date. Returns after 60 days will not be accepted. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

An opened, partially used product return is accepted on first time orders only, and the refund is limited to one bottle. (i.e. we will not issue refunds for multiple, partially used bottles.) If the products (bottles) are unopened, unused, and resalable, we will issue refunds for as many as are returned. In the unlikely event that any product proves to be defective (as determined by our testing), a refund will be given for the product and the return shipping cost.

We are confident that your pet will benefit from Wysong DentaTreat™ as many thousands of others have. Depending upon the oral condition of the animal, the visible benefits of DentaTreat™ will vary. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of DentaTreat™ goes beyond what is perceptible or visible.

Results require time and patience. DentaTreat™ is not a 24 hour "miracle" supplement. It is designed to restore natural oral balances and permit the body to heal itself.

Please be sure to follow directions, use the recommended serving size, and facilitate as much direct contact between DentaTreat™ and your pet's teeth/mouth as possible.

Return Authorization Form:

*Please make sure you have read the conditions of the Guarantee and you qualify for a return.*


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